Meet the Team

Cactus Coalition Members

The agents of change, influencers, and passionate citizens that strive for a better Arizona.

Doug Ducey

Governor Ducey remains committed to making Arizona a land of “Opportunity for All” and has pledged to work every day to make that vision a reality.

Arizona Cardinals

National Football League

The Arizona Cardinals Charities Fund supports programs designed to improve the quality of life and enhance opportunities for children, women, and minorities in the state of Arizona. Since its inception, Cardinals Charities has distributed more than 9.1 million dollars to hundreds of worthy charitable organizations on behalf of the Arizona Cardinals and the National Football League.

Arizona Interscholastic Association

Arizona Interscholastic Association was created to sustain an ethical culture through activities that encourage maximum student participation by providing AIA member schools with an even playing field to ensure fair and equitable competition in interscholastic activities.

“The Arizona Interscholastic Association is honored and excited to be a Cactus Coalition partner.  This is a great opportunity to reach communities and provide resources for the challenges we come across every day.”

David Hines, Executive Director


Mothers Awareness on School-Age Kids

Mothers Awareness on School-Age Kids engages and educates parents, children and the community about the issues facing our youth today and empowers children to make safe, healthy choices.

We live in a fast-paced, time deprived world and it’s not easy to keep up with the latest information and trends affecting children. MASK strives to help families navigate through the school-age years by providing information and solutions about various issues before they may even arise.

Cindy McCain

McCain Institute

Inspired by the leadership of Senator John McCain and his family’s legacy of public service, the McCain Institute advances character-driven leadership based on security, economic opportunity, freedom and human dignity around the world.

The McCain Institute’s Combatting Human Trafficking Program educates, raises awareness and implements action-based solutions to end modern slavery. Through collaborative partnerships, critical research and direct engagement with innovative programs, the Institute connects and convenes stakeholders to find strategies to combat human trafficking at local, state, national and international levels.

Tim Warnock

This happens to good families, this happens to the kid who came to your house, and maybe he said something that you could have picked up on,” said Tim. “I think I can speak for everyone one of us, everything we’re doing isn’t going to bring our children back. It’s for all those kids who are on the edge right now.

Toni Townsend

There’s no text that is so important that it should take a husband away from their wife or a dad away from their son,” Townsend said.


12News is dedicated to telling the facts that are impacting Arizona. Beyond just standing for the facts, the team is committed to enacting positive change, connecting citizens to the resources they need, and creating state wide partnerships and activations throughout the state of Arizona.